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Unpsychology Issue 4: the Climate Minds Anthology is the latest and most important issue of this journal yet. It is full of imaginative and creative responses to the climate crisis from a host of writers, artists, activists and 'unpsychologists'. The intention is to provoke a creative conversation about the 'climate mind' in the coming months and years.


Essays from Emma Palmer, Julia Macintosh, Toby Chown, Zhiwa Woodbury, Meg Hollingsworth, Vanessa Thevathasan, Pegi Eyers, Fiona Brannigan, Irv Beiman and Elizabeth Cotton. Fiction from C. G. Frederick, Alex Lockwood, Sarah Mahoudh and Steve Thorp. Prose by Monica Dragotz, Jane Glenzinska and Margot Lasher. Poetry by Helen May Williams, Zara Mhofu, Jenny Arran, Becca Warner, Rachael Clyne, Janet Lees, Rachel MacDonald, Irv Beiman, Meg Hollingsworth, Sarah Wint and Steve Thorp. Illustrations and artwork by Jenny Arran, Ruth Thorp, Fiona Brannigan, Carissa Tanton and Jean Thomas, with a photo series by Janet Lees – Anthropocene Prophecy – running throughout.


The editors for this issue were Steve Thorp and Julia Macintosh and their editorial dialogues weave through the magazine to set the context and provide reference points.

Issue 4 of Unpsychology Magazine, the Climate Minds anthology is now available to download. Get your FREE digital copy by clicking HERE.

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