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Our theme for issue 7 is Climate, Complexity, Change. This is the second edition of Unpsychology Magazine to be focussed on the climate emergency. The first — Climate Minds, published in 2018, before the emergence of Extinction Rebellion and Greta Thunberg’s School strikes movement — was the first of our themed digital magazines and felt important and timely.


Now we are coming to further understand that the emergency is not in the climate itself, but the systemic, human responses that have led us to this point in our history. The fractures in the natural systems of the Earth and the cultural systems of humanity have been starkly revealed during the COVID crisis, together with opportunities to shift our ways of seeing and being in the future.


This Climate, Complexity, Change themed edition of Unpsychology will be published in Spring 2020 as a digital and online anthology and will, as usual, be offered free of charge to ensure maximum circulation of the ideas, writing and artwork. This issue will be published as a free downloadable e-book. We will complement this with online responses in writing, audio, video recording and art around the theme.


We invite submissions that respond to the theme as creatively as possible and which delve deeply into the issues of climate breakdown, complexity and change - whether this be to systems, individuals or to the wider ecologies we all exist within.



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Submissions for  ISSUE 7: CLIMATE, COMPLEXITY, CHANGE are now open. Download the guidelines HERE or find them online at: