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Unpsychology Magazine published its fourth edition in March 2018, with the theme of Climate Minds. You can DOWNLOAD IT  FREE HERE.


Submissions for issue 5 are now open until 31st January and the new edition will be published in the Spring of 2019. The theme of issue 5 is Earth Songs:  sweet soul elegies and dancing the blues. GUIDELINES ARE HERE.


Even in the bleakest of times, music uplifts and comforts us. It touches upon the beautiful edges of the human experience, and brings us together gently, invisibly.


We welcome work that addresses how the deep, psychological implications of social and ecological connection, equality, inclusion and social cohesion can be addressed through music.


Download the Unpsychology issue 5 Submissions Guidelines HERE


Unpsychology Magazine is a small independent publication that relies on direct sales and support to keep going.


You can contribute to the conversation about 'unpsychology' and Climate Minds on our  Unpsychology blog on Medium.


Contact steve@unpsychology.org if you can help grow Unpsychology Magazine in any way – financial or other contributions welcome!