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SUBMISSIONS FOR UNPSYCHOLOGY ISSUE 8 - THE WARM DATA EDITION are now closed.We are planning to get this rich 

anthology of essays, stories, poetry, art and video published in April 2022. In the meantime, please download your FREE copies of previous issues above. You can also find out more at 


Cover image above by Mary Thorp, www.rawmixture.co.uk

We are very excited about this anthology, our second edition of Unpsychology Magazine to be focussed on the climate emergency. The first — Climate Minds — was published in 2018, before the emergence of Extinction Rebellion and Greta Thunberg’s School strikes movement and, of course, before the COVID pandemic. Here’s what editors Julia and Steve) write in their preface to the new magazine:


“We live in days of complexity and change. We live in times of crisis. Since the inception of Unpsychology Magazine in 2014, the climate emergency has overshadowed everything we have done. Every poem, essay, story and piece of art, video or music has had this awareness at its heart. Sometimes our response has been to despair. Sometimes we have hope, when we see the courage of our fellow citizens putting themselves on the line to highlight the state we are in. Maybe something will change? There often doesn’t seem much indication of it, but change is unpredictable and hope says something about trusting the process of activism without knowing exactly where it is heading.


Unpsychology has always concerned itself with the art of reflection. We focus on a theme, and consider it — in mind and in depth — together with the ‘unpsychological’ meanings it may have. We inquire into the ways this aspect of culture or that might be in our human minds and in the Earth. We notice how our experience of ‘wellbeing’ is utterly grounded in the interdependent social, ecological and economic contexts in which we live.


The writers and artists here have responded in a suitably non-linear fashion! They have approached the theme of climate obliquely and with measure, curiosity and humour. The essays gently push out against our understandings and psychological practices. The poems are, by turn, angry, despairing, gentle and meandering. The artwork is sketchy, experimental, graphical and beautiful.


Whatever transpires in our ecological universe in years to come, we trust in the human imagination when it is at its best. If the future is difficult, we owe it to our children and the human and more-than- human community to have these creative conversations about what is to come…”




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Issue 7:

Climate Complexity Change

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