Warm Data is a specific kind of information about the way parts of a complex system, such as members of a family, organisms in the oceans, institutions in society, or departments of organisation, come together to give vitality to that system. (Nora Bateson)

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Issue 8: an 

anthology of

warm data

The 8th issue of Unpsychology is now out, and is available FREE to download (or with a donation, if you'd like to support our work.)

This issue is a special collaboration with the Warm Data community, which is built around the work, ideas and practices of Nora Bateson.

This 260+ page anthology of Warm Data carries essays, art, poetry, video, stories and creative combinations of these. 

You also can get all previous issues of the magazine by clicking the link above. 

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Issue 8 – An anthology of Warm Data – is available FREE for download, in a FREE digi-pack together with every edition of unpsychology magazine published so far! Get your FREE ISSUE 8 by clicking HERE.


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