Submissions for unpsychology 8: an anthology of warm data, are now closed. We will be publishing this exciting anthology of work, in the summer of 2022.

However, we welcome ideas for submissions for our unpsychology voices  platform on Medium.


Contact us at submissions@unpsychology,org 

and see below for more details.

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unpsychology magazine has been going for eight years, and publishes writing, art, video, music related to the broad theme of how humans see and experience the world – and each other – in increasingly complex and troubled times. Each of our published editions (FREE to download from, take a theme and build on it. We have had two editions responding to the complexity of the climate crisis, and other themes have included childhood, the other-than-humanearthsongs and, in our upcoming edition, warm data, Nora Bateson's term that refers to "a specific kind of information about the way parts of a complex system, such as members of a family, organisms in the oceans, institutions in society, or departments of organisation, come together to give vitality to that system" (from the website,

As well as the digital magazines, we also invite ideas for submissions for our unpsychology voices Medium publication at These would reflect the pools of complexity and relational ecology that unpsychology editors, writers and artists are increasingly swimming in. We welcome ideas that swim against the tide – whether this pushes against the cultural drift of the neo-colonialist and capitalist mainstream, or the moon-touched flows of new-age fantasy.


In short, if you have an idea about how and when 'mind' emerges and flows in and between the contexts, realities and relationships of our world, we'd like to hear it. Contact Steve and Julia at

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Submissions for our digital magazine are now closed...