SUBMISSIONS FOR UNPSYCHOLOGY ISSUE 8 - THE WARM DATA EDITION -  ARE NOW CLOSED. We will be publishing this exciting anthology of work, from the Warm Data community and beyond, in April 2022

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Submissions for Issue 8: Warm Data. Art, fiction, poetry and creative pieces invited for this innovative digital and online magazine are now closed . Publication:  APRIL 2022 .

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Submissions for issue 8:

Warm Data 

are now closed...


Our theme for issue 8 is Warm Data and this special edition is being published in partnership with the Warm Data Host community, that has been growing around the work of Nora Bateson. You will be able to download this anthology FREE of charge in April 2022.

At a time when our systems are failing, and our responses to the crises human beings face are increasingly inadequate, new insights are required. Nora Bateson’s ‘Warm Data’ work around trancontextuality, symmathesy and aphanipoeisis is beginning to offer comprehensive sets of ‘frames within frames’ for seeing the world. These insights recognise that change emerges from liminal spaces; the places between and unseen; relational fields and flows; the interdependence within and between living ecologies and systems; the creative self and selves.

The anthology will carry a rich weaving of essays, art, poetry and creative submissions that respond to and emerge from the themes and potential of Warm Data. 

Contact Steve or Julia at with any queries.